BNF Internet Banking Upgrade

Banif Bank (Malta) plc is proud to announce the upgrade of its internet banking platform - Banif@st!

Below please find some guidelines which may help iron out any queries. Should you request further information, please feel free to contact Customer Care on 2260 1000 who will assist you through the process.


Migration process

When you log on, you will be prompted to migrate to the new system. The process is a simple one. First you will be prompted to change your Password and then your Confirmation key.

Your upgrade will be completed once both the Password and Confirmation Key have been changed.


Upgrade to SMS One-Time-Password (OTP)

Once you have successfully changed your Password and Confirmation Key, you will be given the option to start using a One-Time-Password (OTP) authorisation process to do transactions through Banif@st.

The OTP will replace the use of the Confirmation Key. Instead of being requested to input digits of your confirmation key, you will start receiving an SMS on a mobile number you provide.

If you wish to start using this new feature, kindly click on Change to OTP.

You will be asked to insert the mobile number to which you would like the Bank to send the OTP to in order to authorise transactions.


IMPORTANT     For security reasons, the OTP will only remain valid for a few minutes. A new OTP will be sent by SMS for every new transaction.




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