BNF Internet Banking Features

BNF Internet Banking is easily accessible and has been designed to suit our customers. Its features allow you to conduct virtually all of your day-to-day banking requirements in the comfort of your own home or office.

BNF Internet Banking Features

View balances and review transactions

  • Have one consolidated view of your private banking portfolio.
  • View up-to-date account balances for BNF Bank linked accounts, including savings and current accounts, term deposits, personal loans and home loans.
  • Check account(s) entries.
  • Review the history and repayment schedule on your personal loan and home loan.

Credit Facilities and Loans

  • View current balances and transactions.
  • View your repayment schedule.
  • Request a meeting with a member of our branch team to set up a loan.

Bill Payments

  • Pay most of your bills and utilities.

Credit Cards

  • View your accounts and current transactions.
  • Make extra payments into your credit card/s.
  • Activate new credit cards.
  • Reissue credit cards.
  • Request to change credit limits and repayment percentages.
  • Apply for free benefits as part of our Gold Card package.

Term Deposits

  • Open term deposits in local currency.
  • Send a message on BNF Internet Banking to change existing maturity instructions of term deposit accounts.

Transfer Money

  • Transfer money to your BNF Bank accounts.
  • Transfer money to third party BNF Bank accounts.
  • Transfer money to other accounts at any Maltese financial institutions.
  • Schedule money transfers for a future date.
  • Transfer money to overseas accounts.
  • Create lists of frequent beneficiaries for easier transfers in future.

Other Services

  • Order foreign cash online.
  • Order a cheque book. You can only order cheque books for accounts linked to BNF Internet Banking (excluding term deposits, home loans and personal loans) where a cheque book has been previously issued.
  • You may place a ‘stop payment’ on your personal cheques. This service enables you to stop a single cheque or a range of cheques.
  • Check foreign exchange rates.
  • Download copies of your account statements.

Print and export your financial records

  • Export transaction details of your deposit accounts to Microsoft Excel.

BNF Internet Banking Terms and Conditions

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