Report a Lost Or Stolen Card

As a Cardholder, you must notify the Bank immediately by calling on (+356) 2260 1000 if:

  • the Card/s has been lost or stolen;
  • the PIN has become known to a third party; or
  • there is a suspicion that the Card or an additional Card and/or the PIN may have been misused in any way.

Following receipt of such notification, the Bank will immediately block the Card/s, so that no further transactions shall be possible until a new Card and a new PIN have been provided to you.

You shall be responsible for any transactions carried out using the Card/s, or any details thereof before you notify the Bank as provided in this clause.

Notification of any of the events mentioned above must be made by the Cardholder by calling on either 80073200 or (+356) 2260 1000, or by visiting any of the Bank's branches during opening hours. Such notification may also take place at any bank branch displaying the VISA brand signage.

You may call Visa directly on 001 443 641 2004. Applicable charges for this are available here.

You shall provide all the necessary and relevant information as requested by the Bank in an attempt to stop misuse of the Card. You will consent to the Bank passing on any such information, as necessary, to other organisations involved in the card payment cycle to its advisors or sub-contractors and to the police.

If any Card/s is/are found after being reported lost or stolen, it/they should not be used and should be returned to the Bank or cut diagonally in half.

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