Senior and Junior Officials

We're seeking to recruit Senior and Junior Officials to join our Financial Crime Compliance Department.

If you're interested in joining us and satisfy the requirements outlined hereunder, then we're interested in you. 

Who we are

We're a leading financial institution, a key player in the Maltese market and part of a highly diversified multi-national group of companies. Employing a team of 220 employees, the Bank offers a full range of lending and savings solutions to both personal and business customers. We strive to offer a highly personalised service through our network of twelve retail branches spread across the Maltese Islands.

We're a team of inspired people who believe that opportunities start with a conversation. 

Duties and responsibilities

The Financial Crime Compliance Department is responsible for the Prevention of Financial Crime through the assessment on a continuous and regular basis of the Bank's adherence to AML/CTF regulations, rules, and best practices, as issued from time to time by applicable Regulatory Bodies both local and at EU level. The Department is also responsible to advise senior management and staff across the Bank on the implications of relevant laws and regulations on the operations of the Bank.

You will be responsible for:

  • identify and assess the money laundering/terrorist financing risks associated with the Bank's operational activities including the development of new products and business practices, including the carrying out of the Business Risk Assessment;
  • manage compliance related activities of the Bank, amongst which but not limited to, manage the development and implementation of the Annual AML/CTF Compliance Monitoring Programme;
  • assist and provide the necessary guidance to staff on AML/ CFT matters;
  • carry our preliminary impact analysis on specific legislation and the implementation of new legislation;
  • handle regulatory requests for information and the Risk Evaluation Questionnaire;
  • handle AML/CTF related regulatory inspections and thematic reviews by both the MFSA and the FIAU;
  • oversee the carrying out of customer due diligence on high-risk customers both at on boarding and
     an ongoing basis and provide the necessary guidance to bank employees in relation to CDD matters both on clients and counterparts;
  • assist the MLRO amongst others in:  
    • preparing the necessary recommendations with respect to client on
       boarding and reviewed and reporting to management;
    • the analysis of any internal SARs received and reporting suspicious transitions and
      activity to the FIAU;
    • the provision of training across the bank, including the branch network with respect
      to AML/CTF;
    • ensuring that the internal Bank standards, policies and procedures reflect
      both the letter and spirit of the locally applicable laws and regulations;
  • sanctions monitoring; and
  • reporting to the Senior and Board level on AML/CTF related matters.

Within the Financial Crime Compliance team, you will actively participate in the implementation of Financial Crime Compliance related policies and procedures to support the business in complying with internal FCC policies and procedures and external laws and regulations. You report hierarchically to the Head of Financial Crime Compliance.

Competencies and experience

You must:

  • possess a Certificate/ Diploma in AML/ CFT, fraud detection and prevention or tertiary degree level qualification (or equivalent) in Financial Services, Criminology or Compliance;
  • for junior roles no experience is necessary while for senior positions related experience within Compliance or AML/CTF is required;
  • be proficient in Microsoft Office applications;
  • be proficient in both Maltese and English with strong verbal and written communication skills;
  • have a curious and innovative mindset;
  • have the ability to multi-task;
  • be persistent and drive change in creative ways;
  • have analytical skills and sound judgement
  • have a 'can do' mentality and be able to embrace challenges in a fast-changing environment;
  • be attentive to detail; and
  • be flexible, highly committed and possess excellent interpersonal skills.

How to apply

If you want to be part of our team, we invite you to send us a detailed CV highlighting your achievements. Applications should reach us only by email on


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