The Bank's authorised share capital is €99,999,999.82 divided into 132,415,254 ordinary shares of €0.7552 each, and its issued share capital is €74,543,999.16 divided into 98,707,626 ordinary shares of €0.7552 each, all fully paid up. These issued ordinary shares qualify as CET 1 Capital.


Total No. of Authorised Shares 132,415,254 (EUR 99,999,999.82)
Total No. of Issued Shares 98,707,626 (EUR 74,543,999.16)


BNF Bank's majority shareholder is JUD Investment Group Limited, a subsidiary of Al Faisal International for Investment Company, Q.P.S.C. , one of Qatar's largest private diversified industry groups, which holds a 92.4% stake in the Bank. The remaining shares are held by four Maltese shareholders: PG Holdings Limited, Virtu Investments Limited, SAK Limited and Mizzi Organisation  Limited. 




Organisational and Corporate Governance Structure

Listed Securities

Type of Security Amount Date of Issue Redemption Dates
Unsecured Subordinated Bonds €15,000,000 @ 4.5% with an over-allotment option of an additional €5,000,000 28 June 2022 2027-2032

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