BNF Bank would like to inform its esteemed clients that they should never trust any electronic message supposedly sent from BNF Bank plc asking for information of a personal and/or confidential nature, such as password, identity card number or card details.

BNF Bank NEVER asks its customers for information of this sort by e-mail or by any other means.

Clients should be wary if they receive an e-mail message asking them to access the BNF Bank plc site via a link. E-mail messages sent by BNF Bank never contain links or any software for immediate installation.

Whenever clients access their bank accounts through the BNF Internet Banking portal, they are urged to check that the URL address begins with https:// and that a padlock is shown in the lower right corner.

In case of doubt clients are urged to contact the Bank on or on (+356) 2260 1000.

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