Operations and Objectives


Building a New Future

We are a core Maltese Bank providing a comprehensive range of retail and commercial banking services through a network of twelve branches and a corporate and business centre in Malta, together with a branch in London.  Since our foundation, we have built strong ties with the Maltese economy and we support national growth and prosperity.  We provide Retail and Corporate Banking to individuals, families, family-owned businesses and institutions through our physical and digital delivery channels, supported by our dedicated professional workforce with a strong focus on quality of service. Innovation, efficiency and continuous improvement are key to our success and will permeate to our customers from a suite of innovative tailored products and class-topping customer service.  Our value chain is built on the following pillars:


Customer focus

We are driven by our customer-centric strategy; putting the customer at the centre of everything we do.  We support individuals, families and businesses in their growth and aspirations, through best-in-class delivery channels.  We enable business through meaningful conversations that foster a positive customer experience at every stage of one’s life journey or business cycle.  We aim to provide a full suite of products and services through an omni-channel approach to meet customer needs.


Sustainable growth

By focusing on our customers, we are able to tell a successful engaging story with the aim to grow together.  Our priority is to grow in a sustainable manner in terms of size and profitability.  Our financial performance is underpinned by focused and rigorous risk management, adherence to the highest standard of regulatory requirements, maintaining a healthy working relationship with the regulating bodies and acting with integrity and duty of care at all times.


Investment in technology, human capital and infrastructure

Our team of dedicated professionals are core to building lasting and personalised relationships with our customers.  With this in mind, we place importance to continuous learning and development programmes. Additionally, our continuous investment in technology is specifically intended and directed towards satisfying our customers by remaining at the forefront of what have become their expectations from us.  We want to achieve full digital transformation to add value to our proposition to enable our customers transacting seamlessly and flexibly 24/7/365 digitally, whilst maintaining a physical presence in the communities which we serve through our network of branches in Malta and Gozo.   


Presence in the community

As an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, we dedicate time, money and human resources to alleviate the physical and psychological hardships that particular segments of society go through.  Our commitment to leave a mark for a better future is extended also to nature and animals recognising the role that together we play in safeguarding the sustainability of the eco-system for future generations.  We are also keen in safeguarding our cultural heritage, providing better education and promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, as well as protecting the environment through all our interactions.



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